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Mybc is an online community for New Zealanders affected by breast cancer - a place to connect and share experiences with others like you, and to ask questions and get support from a qualified breast nurse.

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Connect and share

Share your thoughts, questions and milestones with a community of people who understand what you're going through. Offer support, share knowledge, and get to know each other.

Chat to nurses

Chat privately with our breast nurse

Private message, video, or voice call our qualified breast nurse. Ask her any questions you have about your diagnosis, treatment, or about living with breast cancer.

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Track your progress

Keep a daily record of what matters to you, like mood, energy levels or treatment side-effects. Take this to your medical appointments so that your team can better meet your needs.

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Stay organised

Upload your medical records to our private, secure portal. Add appointment and medication reminders, and get to know your medical team.

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Get reliable resources

Find medical information, videos, and FAQs created for patients, by experts. Read personal stories submitted by other users, and share your story.

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