About us

mybc is an online community for New Zealanders affected by breast cancer - a place to connect with others like you, share experiences, ask questions and get support.

After you create your profile, you can share your thoughts, questions and milestones with a community of people who understand what you’re going through. The mybc community is a place where friendships are developed and nurtured as members offer support to one another and share knowledge and experiences.

You can also private message, video, or voice call one of our qualified breast nurses. Feel free to ask them any questions you have about your diagnosis, treatment, or about living with breast cancer.

In your online diary, you can keep a record of what matters to you, like mood, energy levels or treatment side-effects, and see how you’re progressing over time.

Our private, secure portal is the perfect place to store your medical records. You can also add appointment and medication reminders, and get to know your medical team. There’s also a bank of reliable resources - medical information, videos, personal stories, and FAQs created for patients, by experts.

You can also join the Living Well Programme, a series of modules that cover a range of questions that people often have after finishing treatment, and can help learn to live well with, or after, breast cancer.

Who sees your information?

The information you provide here will be securely stored, and kept private. mybc or the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation may contact you via email with important information, but we won’t spam you with marketing promotions.

The medical information you provide will be available to the mybc Breast Nurses, in order to help them answer any questions you might ask. They will keep this information confidential.

If you have any questions around privacy or security, feel free to email hello@mybc.care.